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FULL HD Video with DATA Overlay

If you have ever wanted to record your athlete, activity, car, plane, motorcycle, bicycle or boat with a stopwatch or radar data overlay we have an affordable Full HD solution for you.

We have been building custom camera systems for MLB since 2002. Now you can have what the Pros use. All you need is a Stalker Pro II radar gun and one of our KITS and you'll be capturing like the Pros! 

About Us

Our History


Yellow Jacket Cameras is a division of Hollywood South Digital Post, Inc. HSDP was established in 1986 by Jerry Kelley to provide video production, post production and custom system design to the major cruise lines and tour operators in the travel industry from the mid 1980’s to the mid 1990’s. HSDP was located in Orange County, California and was an early innovator in digital video technologies such as laserdisc, CD-ROM, DVD, and Non-linear Editing. It was mentioned in articles by Newsweek magazine and The Orange County Business Journal.

Throughout the 90’s HSDP provided services to fortune five hundred companies in and around southern California, as well as, across the US. These included Taco Bell, Fluor Daniel, Ford Motor Co., Allergan, Exxon and Bell Atlantic, as well as, the US Department of Defense and Department of Energy. In 1998 HSDP began providing day-to-day editing, video processing and distribution of player videos, to the 30 MLB Clubs.


Additionally, HSDP has overseen the development and technological evolution of the MLB Scouting Bureau’s video program since 1998.  HSDP has provided training of the video staff for MLBSB since 1998. HSDP has designed and or built the custom camera systems used by the MLBSB since 2002. HSDP has also provided consulting services to many MLB Clubs over the years in all areas of video as a Scouting tool and/or Player Development aid.

In 2000 Jerry sold his post production business, but retained MLB as a client. Jerry continues to provide video services to Major League Baseball to this date.

This is a list of the milestones:


First year contracted to provide editing and CD-ROM development

• Developed editing protocol standards

• Developed MLB SB CD-ROM standard

• Edited and distributed player footage on VHS and CD-ROM


Established player coverage standards

• Field Location for camera coverage

• Player/Position framing standards

• Amount of coverage per position

Created and supplied the first Computer based digital database to display player footage during the First Year Player Draft.

Developed and provided “video” Advance Scouting services to USA Baseball through MLB during the Pan AM Games.


Developed the “Pokey” HDD to provide the Clubs with a digital database prior to the First Year Player Draft.

Provided supervision of camera staff and interface with event broadcasters as well as provided equipment to cover the MLB Futures Game 2000-2014.

Provided “video” Advance Scouting services to USA Baseball through MLB during the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney Australia.


Selected new DVCAM camera systems. Oversaw radar and stopwatch integration.

Phased out VHS and CD-ROM, established DVD mastering standard. 

Distributed digital files via Pokey drives simi-annually.

Provided “video” Advance Scouting services to USA Baseball through MLB during the 2003 Pan Am Games.


Demonstrated digital distribution of player video files and use of portable hand held devices (iPod).

Designed and introduced iTunes as a digital video database management application.


Provided “video” Advance Scouting services to USA Baseball through MLB during the 2006 WBC.


Conceived, designed and participated in the development and implementation of the CLIPS website.

Created the white paper for the bid standards for the CLIPS website.


Oversaw the launch of the CLIPS website.

Conducted the launch and training Webinar to all 30 Clubs on the CLIPS website.

Produced the first CLIPS training video in 2008 and the updated training video in English and Spanish in 2014.


Created the MLBSB “Quick Reference Video Guide” and Instructional DVD.

Provided player video footage to MLB Network for First Year Player Draft coverage 2009-Present.


Conceived of, developed, and built the new HD camera system with integrated radar and stopwatch display functionality.


Presented  “Video as a Scouting Tool” instructional class at MLBSB Scout Development Program - 2013 & 2014.

Provided “video” Advance Scouting services to USA Baseball through MLB during the 2013 WBC.


Wrote and produced the newly updated CLIPS Admin and Web Catalog training videos in English and Spanish.

Oversaw the translation of the .pdf CLIPS Users Guide - Spanish translations. 


Jerry has won many industry awards, including the following:


• Telly 

• International Film & Television Festival of New York

• Questar

• Communicator

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