YJC Camera App

iPhone / iPod Touch Requires iOS 12.0 or later

K6+ Mounting

Stalker Radar Guns Pro II, Pro II+, Pro IIs

How it works section

How it works

When you combine our YJC Camera App with one of our patented Mounting Kits, and your iPhone, and a Stalker Radar Gun, you will be creating the Ultimate sports video camera system that will capture your videos in FULL HD, and overlay them with the data you want to preserve.

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Simple User Interface section

User Interface

The App will automatically present in one of four languages; English, Japanese, Korean or Spanish based on the default language selected on your iPhone.

With a single screen touch you can choose between HD VIDEO or HD SLO-MO recording mode. The DATA BUG can be re-positioned to any one of the four corners or hidden when not needed.

Select REVIEW to see your last recording or any previous recording. While in the REVIEW mode you can easily SHARE any recording with others.

You can also access EDITING mode while in REVIEW mode to perform basic trim functions. You can import your own custom logo and position it to any one of the four corners or hide it at any time.

Our Auto Record Pitcher (ARP) function allows you to set up the camera system behind home plate and auto record each pitch without an operator.

Settings section

Settings Menu

  • General – legal stuff & things to know
  • Camera Settings – quality & frame rates
  • Audio – On/Off record it or not
  • Auto Record Pitcher (ARP) – way, way cool
  • Stopwatch – mode activation – very cool
  • Full Screen Radar – display mode on/off
  • Logo Bug – visible/hidden
  • HDMI Output – via Lightning to HDMI adapter
  • Logo Import – access & technical specs
  • Logo Placement
  • Data Bug Placement
  • MPH/KPH – unit display on Data Bug
  • File Destination – select your location
  • Radar Gun Connectivity

Additional Feature section

Additional Features

  • • AirPlay for instructional use
  • • AirDrop for sharing
  • • Wireless Remote for hands free operation

radar section

The Full Screen Radar function turns your iPhone into a full screen radar display. Just flip your phone over and it’s live. Great for bullpen sessions.

versatility section


Our patented design provides the user with multiple mounting options.
  • Tripod
  • Stadium Seat Back
  • Railing Mount
  • Post Mount

Our Products

  • $119.99 Select options

    YJC Camera

    Annual Subscription

    To insure future IOS compatibility and to allow us to continue our efforts to enhance the App over time, an annual subscription fee of $119.99 will be charged starting 12 months from the original subscription date. You will receive an email notification 30 days prior to the due date. An auto payment can be set up to insure that there is no lapse in use. If the annual fee is not paid by the anniversary of the original purchase date, the App will become inactive until the annual fee is paid.

    YJC Camera

  • $125.00 Add to cart

    K6+ Mounting Kit for Stalker Pro II, Pro II+, Pro IIs

    ✓ Radar Mount, (2) screws and allen wrench

    ✓ Smartphone Clamp

    ✓ Tripod Mount Adapter

    ✓ Wireless Remote

    ✓ Stylus Pen

    K6+ Mounting Kit for Stalker Pro II, Pro II+, Pro IIs

  • $195.00 Add to cart

    YJC WiFi Adapter for Stalker Pro II

    ✓ YJC WiFi Adapter

    ✓ DB9 Serial to Bulgin 8 pin Cable

    ✓ USB Power Cable

    ✓ ANKER PowerCore 3350 Battery

    YJC WiFi Adapter for Stalker Pro II


  • $180.00 Add to cart

    Telephoto 58mm Lens and iPhone Case

    ✓ High Quality 2x Lens

    ✓ iPhone hard case w/lens mount

    Telephoto 58mm Lens and iPhone Case

  • $35.00 Add to cart

    Shade Hood

    A must have for any extended outdoor sun exposure

    Shade Hood

  • $89.00 Add to cart

    Mounting Set

    ✓ Stadium Seat Clamp

    ✓ Super Clamp for Railing or Post Clamp

    ✓ Tripod Mount Adapter

    ✓ 9.5” Articulated Arm ¼ x 20 thread

    Mounting Set

  • $45.00 Add to cart

    Anker PowerCore +
    mini auxiliary power

    • 3350 mAh Capacity

    Anker PowerCore +
    mini auxiliary power

  • $95.00 Add to cart

    Hard Case

    • Heavy duty, water resistant hard plastic case
    • Designed to fit one system and all available accessories

    Hard Case

  • $95.00 Add to cart

    Custom Cut Foam insert for Hard Case

    Insert will fit Stalker Hard Case

    Custom Cut Foam insert for Hard Case


Use Your Imagination!









About us

About Us

“Now you can have what the Pros use”

Yellow Jacket Cameras is a division of Hollywood South Digital Post, Inc. HSDP was established in 1986 by Jerry Kelley to provide video production, post production, and custom POS video systems to the major cruise lines and tour operators in the travel industry. HSDP was located in Orange County, California and was an early innovator in digital video technologies, such as; laserdisc, CD-ROM, DVD, and Non-linear Editing. HSDP was profiled in an article in Newsweek magazine and The Orange County Business Journal.

Throughout the 90’s HSDP provided services to fortune five hundred companies in and around southern California, as well as, across the US. These included; Taco Bell, Fluor Daniel, Ford Motor Co., Allergan, Exxon and Bell Atlantic, the US Department of Defense and Department of Energy.

In 1998 HSDP began providing day-to-day video editing, processing and distribution of player scouting videos for the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau, for distribution to the 30 MLB Clubs. Over the two decades since HSDP has led the way in the development of video as an integral part of player scouting.

In 2002 HSDP built their first custom camera systems for MLBSB. Since then they have built 5 new generations improving and refining their designs with each generation.


A list of the milestones

  • 1998

    First year contracted by MLB Scouting Bureau.

    • • Developed editing protocol standards.
    • • Developed MLBSB CD-ROM standard.
    • • Distributed player footage on VHS and CD-ROM
      to the 30 MLB Clubs.
  • 1999

    Established player coverage standards for MLB.

    • • Field Location for camera coverage.
    • • Player/Position framing standards.
    • • Amount of coverage per position

    Created and supplied the first Computer database program to display player footage during the First Year Player Draft.

    Developed and provided “video” Advance Scouting services to USA Baseball through MLB during the Pan AM Games.

  • 2000

    Developed the “Pokey” HDD to provide the 30 Clubs with a digital database prior to the First Year Player Draft.

    Provided supervision of camera staff and interface with event broadcasters as well as provided equipment to cover the MLB Futures Game 2000- 2014.

  • 2002

    Selected new DVCAM camera systems.

    Oversaw radar and stopwatch integration to DVCAM
    Camera systems.

    Phased out VHS and CD-ROM, established DVD mastering standard.

    Distributed digital files via Pokey drives semi-annually.

  • 2003

    Provided “video” Advance Scouting services to USA Baseball through MLB during the 2003 Pan Am Games.

  • 2005

    Demonstrated digital distribution of player video files
    and use of portable handheld devices (iPod) to MLB.

    Designed and introduced iTunes as a digital video
    database management application to MLB.

  • 2006

    Provided “video” Advance Scouting services to
    USA Baseball through MLB

  • 2007

    Conceived of, designed and participated in, the implementation of CLIPS the digital video player asset management online website for MLB.

  • 2008

    Oversaw the launch of the CLIPS website.

    Conducted the launch and training webinar to all
    30 Clubs on the CLIPS website.

    Produced the first CLIPS training video in 2008 and
    the updated training video in English and Spanish in 2014.

  • 2009

    Created the MLBSB “Quick Reference Video Guide” and Instructional DVD.

    Provided player video footage to MLB Network for First Year Player Draft coverage 2009-Present.

  • 2012

    Conceived of, developed, and built the new HD camera system with integrated radar and stopwatch display functionality.

    MLBSB purchases (4) K2 camera systems.

  • 2013

    Presented “Video as a Scouting Tool” instructional
    class at MLBSB Scout Development Program 2013 & 2014.


  • 2014

    Wrote and produced the updated CLIPS Admin and Web Catalog training videos in English and Spanish.

  • 2017

    YJC files for first camera system Patents.

  • 2018

    YJC files for additional camera system Patents.

    YJC launches with first two consumer camera systems, the K4-Scout & K5-Pro Video.

    MLB purchases (9) K5-Pro Video camera systems.

  • 2019

    First YJC camera system Patent is issued.

    YJC launches its K6 Kit & Smartphone Camera App.

  • Awards

    Jerry has won many industry awards, including the following:



    International Film & Television Festival of New York



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